31st Jan 2020

But our most frequent obstacle to experiencing the fullness of life, which I have suffered many times, is the hesitancy that keeps up from being either fully alone with life or fully alone with each other.

Being half anywhere is the true beginning of loneliness.

Mark Nepo
The Book of Awakening

The dark days of winter can settle a loneliness deep within us. Human beings are social animals that are wired to belong. We crave being known and loved despite our flaws, and often children will demonstrate this craving with attention seeking misbehavior. The next time your child seems to be “attention seeking”, think about that they are “connection seeking”. I guarantee it will change your viewpoint of their behavior.

I love the above writing of Mark Nepo because it illustrates the importance of knowing ourselves, as well as, being known by others. I consider both goals that we work on at the TreeHouse. In individual counseling, we strive to help children and adolescents feel truly comfortable with themselves; their emotions, their thoughts, their life circumstances. In group counseling, we strive to produce a place where each child feels welcome, part of a larger group, and most importantly where they can be “fully alone with each other”.