31st Jan 2020

But our most frequent obstacle to experiencing the fullness of life, which I have suffered many times, is the hesitancy that keeps up from being either fully alone with life or fully alone with each other. Being half anywhere is […]

31st Aug 2016

This month I attended a bullying prevention conference.  The speaker was discussing the necessity of building bridges between our educators, parents, and students to decrease bullying and its serious impacts for our students. He mentioned one teacher who every week […]

3rd Sep 2015

A couple of weeks ago,  I was honored to hear Brian Cuban, author of “Shattered Image” speak at the annual Beyond Bullying Conference. As he spoke about his personal authentic experience with bullying,  it was easy to see the connection […]

29th Apr 2015

What was the last good book you read? Were you able to relate to the characters….feel their emotions, pain, struggle, and triumphs? Were you able to experience their processing and resolution? Books give us a chance to experience struggles like […]

16th Apr 2012

Bullying is such a hot topic among educators, counselors, and parents in today’s society.  After attending a conference with Dr. Tomatis discussing the inception, effects, and legislation surrounding bullying, I was alarmed at the statistic that a reported 100,000 kids […]