21st Feb 2020

Last week I attended a workshop titled “The Most Boring Workshop Ever” by Dr. Laura Minze. I was extremely interested in this workshop because I specialize in working with kids diagnosed with ADHD, and I, myself, complained non-stop of feeling […]

3rd Aug 2016

I love this blog by Dr. Tina Payne Bryson (co-author of The Whole Brain Child, my favorite parenting book).  Dr. Bryson’s book was mentioned in a previous blog post. If you have children or adolescents in your life, I highly […]

29th Apr 2015

What was the last good book you read? Were you able to relate to the characters….feel their emotions, pain, struggle, and triumphs? Were you able to experience their processing and resolution? Books give us a chance to experience struggles like […]

1st Jan 2015

Here we are at the start of a new year with the potential to start anew, start over, or even just start a change.  Many of us make resolutions regarding finances, health, etc, and I know many parenting resolutions are […]