Current research is now showing that IQ is no longer the single most important factor in determining an individual’s success in life. This preeminent factor has been identified as an individual’s executive functioning. What is executive functioning? Executive functioning is the mental processes that allow us to plan, focus, problem solve, control impulses, and prioritize. This ability is now the single most important factor in determining if an individual will be successful in life. It is important that we nurture this growth in our children because their brains aren’t born with these skills. They must be developed.

On the flip side, what is the single largest neurological inhibitor of developing these important executive functioning skills? Stress and emotional dysregulation impede our ability to implement and develop these important skills. Have you ever tried to problem solve immediately after a car accident? This can be a challenging task. So, I am providing you a list of activities that help to regain neurological status quo when stress levels are high. I encourage you to try some of these techniques when your toddler is tantruming, your teenage is overwhelmed with schoolwork, or even you are at your wit’s end.

Executive functioning development is one of the treatment goals I individualize for all of my kiddos at TreeHouse. If you need assistance developing these skills in your child or teen, I am only a phone call away. 214-310-8826