3rd Sep 2015

A couple of weeks ago,  I was honored to hear Brian Cuban, author of “Shattered Image” speak at the annual Beyond Bullying Conference. As he spoke about his personal authentic experience with bullying,  it was easy to see the connection that such trauma can have on the present and future of children impacted with these types of peer interactions. Mr. Cuban spoke of the importance and necessity of having “one trusted person” to provide support, objectivity, and unconditional care. Does your child have such a person? If not, a counselor can fill that need.

Here are the steps recommended by Mental Health America to stop bullying:

  1. Start talking to your kids early about appropriate peer behaviors. Don’t allow teasing even when children are young.
  2. Teach your children to be assertive. I teach assertiveness training with most of my clients.
  3. Stop bullying when you see it.
  4. Listen and support children who speak up. Remember children need that “one trusted person”, and you may be it.
  5. Recognize the signs of depression.
  6. Teach your children to take action when they see bullying behavior.
  7. Communicate clear policies and consequences.
  8. Team up to prevent bullying and promote safe school environments.

I encourage you to check out Jacob’s story at standuptoday.net