I recently had a discussion with a colleague about what sets me apart from other child counselors. I believe the unique talent and qualities that I bring to the counseling relationship is one of encouragement, promoting independence, and child empowerment. Often I see children searching for control in their behaviors, thoughts and feelings. I believe if you encourage appropriate child independence, control of choices and feelings, and empowerment, you build a child that feels confident, able to withstand change, able to verbalize their needs and empathize with others.

My goal is to help guide our children of today into contributing and confident adults of tomorrow. The upcoming summer months are a perfect time to work on our personal and family growth.  Summer is typically a less stressful time of year for kids and teens, which can lead to a successful time of development and change. I would be honored to work on empowering your child to grow into a mighty oak.

The oak sleeps in the acorn

James Allen