16th Apr 2012

Bullying is such a hot topic among educators, counselors, and parents in today’s society.  After attending a conference with Dr. Tomatis discussing the inception, effects, and legislation surrounding bullying, I was alarmed at the statistic that a reported 100,000 kids take a gun to school in response to bullying.  This statistic is frightening and concerning for anyone that has a child in the school system.  We all have that stereotypical picture of bullying in our minds, but did you know that bullying can be so much more.  Bullying can be played out in physical assaults, verbal attacks, cyberbullying, and social.  If you have ever worked with a child that has been a constant recipient of bullying, as I have, you witness a profound effect on a young person’s life.  Bullying can seem like a hopeless situation with no solutions…something that we can’t change.  As Dr. Tomatis stated, “Bullying is no longer a right-of-passage”.  Bullying intervention and recovery is something that we, as adults, parents, and counselors can deliver.  There can be resolution for these young people.  If you know a young person being bullied or a young person that is a bully, take action, and save a life.